The Future of Web Development: Our Predictions for a GenAI driven 2024

by Mo Cherif, Co-Founder

From Github Copilot's debut to the broader acceptance of design systems, the development arena is rapidly transforming. Here's a concise overview of the anticipated trends for 2024.

1. AI Assisted Development

With the launch of Github Copilot in 2022 the industry got its first glimpse at what it would look like to have Stack Overflow plumbed straight into your IDE. As these AI assistants evolve, we'll see a boost in developer productivity.

In 2023 we can expect these assistants to become more sophisticated and for that to have ripple effects throughout the industry.

2. Design Systems become more centric

Generative AI, with its potential to expedite page creation and landing pages, is emphasizing the importance of structured design systems. These systems will serve as pillars grounding AI's page generation, drawing cues from components in Figma or Front-End as a Service platforms.

In 2024 A shift towards increasingly intricate components and design systems in frameworks is anticipated.

3. Component Generation

Microsoft's Open Source React Component Toolkit showcases the potential of generating react components from mere descriptions. Coupled with Figma's ability to convert designs into code, the realm of component generation is poised for innovation.

In 2024 we can expect the rise of advanced GenAI component generators, especially those tailored for crafting pages from existing design systems.

In Summary

As 2024 approaches, the synergy of AI and development will continue to redefine boundaries. While AI assists in development and design, a profound appreciation for design systems and component generation will shape the future landscape. Embracing these changes will be the hallmark of forward-thinking developers.

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